The Land of Alstia

The ball, following Nemo and the Inn afterwards
From 11/06/2010

After escorted the new administrator to the keep of Kulekula we discuss the terms of our new employment. His name is Tagert Windmere (New Admin) – former rector of the Selet Academy of Military Science (where Cordella trained). He vouched for Cordella to get in to academy even though she wasn’t royal. After fighting broke out, he was imprisoned by the Royalists on suspicion of being with the rebels. After the rebels overran the prison he was being held in, they kept him imprisoned for being too close to the King. After 2 years they determined he was just a scholar not a warrior and released him.

The previous administrator was assassinated. He had sent a report of embezzling he had discovered to the capital.

The people that Tagert suspects are the three counselors of the city, Jarrai, Millich and Nemo, who are responsible for the day to day operations of Kulekula.

Tagert wants us to ask around, discreetly, at the ball and try to determine which counselor is behind the assassination, but don’t talk to the counselors themselves as he doesn’t want to alert them to his investigation.

General Blight was using runes, numerology and human sacrifice. This is a sect of magic, a cult of a deity, rumored to have vanished about 200 years ago. The Magic Guild has laws against this type of magic. There are no known living practitioners, so General Blight must have revived it from ancient ruins or something. Listed as runic magic in guild law with the name of the deity intentionally blotted out.
General Blight was seen coming and going to Deep Twilight Forest, he must be doing something there.

We are to be put up at the White Deer Inn. The Ball is tonight. We ate at the café, filled with nosey old people.

Araniss Goes to the Guild
Mr. Norton, head of the guild in Kulekula asks to see me in his office.
He asks what I am doing in Kulekula, why I have come here. He seems to not like that I am from outside of the area, let alone that I am Eladrin.
He says they are missing a research team in Deep Twilight Forest, and if I could find them or provide him with any news of them, there would be a small reward. Very cocky, A-hole, prejudiced against outsiders.

Info from ball
Echo (Julia, rogue) intimidates someone into telling that Counselor Jarrai is exceptionally gregarious and throwing money around recently.

Jordyn (Sarah, fighter) found out Counselor Jarrai has a weekly card game of blind man’s bluff with the captain of the guard, and they are on very friendly terms.

“Helm” (Jim, other persona of Helm Ser as well to do local) found out Counselor Millich is cold and had something bad to say about everyone.

Araniss (Bryon, wizard) remembered local information that Counselor’s Millich family owns a merchant business that has come under the attack of goblins lately, very organized for goblins.

Echo makes up stories to try to bait someone to talk, but she fails and is not believed.

“Helm” talked to Counselor Nemo – he was exceptionally nervous. Lazlo was the previous administrator. Nemo says he got along with him and that he was a nice guy. He was blindly talking, jumpy, distracted.

Araniss found out a piece of gossip they are holding back. Counselor Nemo has been sneaking out of his home late at night, suspected of having an affair.

We all gather in an alcove out of ear shot to discuss what we learned among ourselves.

We still have the note in Royalist code.

We then went back to meet with and brief Tagert.

Debriefing with Administrator Tagert
He paid us to continue the investigation. Jordyn went to the Inn to get some sleep, Helm went on the street for an hour then went to the Inn to get some sleep.

Araniss and Echo decided to follow Nemo when he leaves his house.

Following Nemo
Nemo was flinchy , nervous, not going home. Echo picked his pockets – he had a vial of green liquid. He was headed toward the old clocktower. He has a dagger that he is clutching.
He goes to the clocktower, someone is going in, he seems to be meeting him (person is very stealthy). They go to the basement level, with Echo discreetly following.
Nemo: People are asking around. I don’t feel comfortable with this.
Other Person (OP) is wearing a black cloak, that absorbs light.
OP: Soon there will be a decision.
Nemo: I don’t know if we can do 2 administrators in such a short time.
OP: Your loyalty will be rewarded. The vial?
Nemo: Looks for the vial in his pockets. Can’t find it. Thinks he might have left it at home or wife found it. Hopes wife didn’t drink it.
OP: Don’t lose it like an idiot next time. This stuff is hard to procure. Don’t fail me twice.
Nemo: Doing this for the money. Its to soon use it anyways, right?
OP: I suppose. Gives Nemo some money. Then disappears.

Echo meets back with Araniss who was a short distance off in case of trouble (using prestidigation to listen it for shouting). Araniss identifies it as an Exceptional poison named Black Dreamer. It is hard to make, hard to get, very hard to detect, it can be administered up to 4 hours ahead of death. Unless person has an excellent immune system it is fatal, generally only used by top notch assassins.
They head back to the White Deer Inn.

At the Inn that Night
Echo notices 5 halfings with weapons drawn searching the downstairs, with 1 of them heading toward the stairs. Araniss uses ghost sounds to whisper to Jordyn and Helm. They come running down, with no time to dawn armor, just grab their weapon and shield on the way.
Araniss and Echo enter the Inn.
Halfling (H1): Here we are searching and they come to us.
Echo Sly Flourishes H1 and misses.
H3 moves near the wizard who was still at the door and hits him for 4.
Araniss launches Scorching Burst, hitting H2. H2 tries to run, trips and burns to a crisp. The SB misses H1. Then as a minor action, he summons a Fire Warrior between H1 by door and h3 in front of Echo.
Helm uses his blunder song and sends H4 tripping across the room. H4 lands on the bear skin rug in the middle of the room.
H4 moves to Jordyn, hits for 1.
Jordyn misses H4.
H3 misses Araniss.
H1 hits Echo for 5.
Araniss commands the Fire Warrior to attack H3, and he hits for 7. Araniss then Action Points (APs) a Storm Pillar on the bear skin rug.
Helm tries Misdirected Mark on H4, but misses.
Jordyn attacks H4 for 13.
Echo Sly Flourishes H1 for 12.
H3 misses hitting Araniss.
H1 crits on Echo for 7.
H4 and H5 flank and attack Jordyn, 1 hits for 9, the other misses.
Araniss commands the Fire Warrior to attack H3, hitting him for 7. Araniss then launches Guardian Blades (minor).
Helm does a Vicious Mockery twice on H4, 1 missed, 1 crit for 13.
Jordyn hits H4 for 14, killing him.
Echo misses her Sly Flourish on H1, she Action Points and Sly Flourishes again, this time successfully for 12, blooding him.
H1 retreats (shifts) 1.
H3 attacks Araniss for 6, and then takes 6 damages for the Guardian Blades.
Araniss commands the Fire Warrior to attack H3, hitting him for 12, blooding him.
Helm uses Majestic Words (healing surge +5), then moves 1 square awy from H5. He tries to intimidate, unsuccessfully.
Jordyn hits H5 for 10, killing him.
Echo Sly Flourishes with her crossbow, criting for 13 on H1, killing him.
H3 tries running but is burnt to a crisp by the Fire Warrior.
All Halflings are now dead.

Loot to be reveled next session.
100 each for skill challenge at ball.
150 each for fight at Inn.

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