The Nation in which the campaign takes place. Alstia was the most sucessful nation during the Tenebrae war which split the continent, defeating Lux in the famed Battle of Ogre Fist, and establishing then Duke Lucien as the preminent military strategist in the world.

Alstia has always been noted as the “nation of thinkers”, something they owe to the great wizards and scholars which have made their home there. It used to be said that if you can’t find it in an Alstian library, nobody knows it.

Most Alstians are followers of the god Ioun, although lately the gods Kord and Avandra have become more popular, with shrines cropping up daily.

The Alstian economy is mainly based on trade, and after the war with norgia the major export is gold.

The revolution in alstia is looked upon by most as a necesary event that has helped their nation grow and deposed the decepit nobility. some, however, are not so convinced.

While Alstia does contain large cities, quite a bit of the territory is wilderness, considered too dangerous to settle, although elven and halfling tribes have been known to attempt to tame it.

Most of Alstia’s population is human, eladrin, or dragonborn, although many other races find the land hospitable.


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