The old, continent spanning empire that ruled the known world. founded in the HY 0, Lux was ruled through most of its history by its founder, the sorcerer king Lachesis.

When Lachesis disappeared in HY 456, for reasons unknown, Lux lost hold on several of its territories and fell from its status of the preeminent world power. Residents of Lux refer to this event as “the fall”.

Since the Fall, Lux has had a series of more or less incompetent rulers, most of whom have let the emipre slowly disintegrate from within as they indulged their whims.

Many in Lux have aims of restoring their status as world power, and to this day the country’s aristocracy looks upon the other nations as rightfully theirs.

In Lux, the revolution is looked upon as a barbaric and horrific event, a complete loss of common sense and an insult to the rights of nobility and high culture in general. as such, the nation has provided asylum for those plotting the destruction of the republic of Alstia.


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