The Land of Alstia, rife with conflict and intrigue, needs heroes now more than ever. This is their story.

Alstia, in the distant past, was part of the empire known as Lux, ruled by the immortal sorcerer king Lachesis. About 200 years ago, Lachesis mysteriously disappeared, and Lux lost its hold on many of its outlying territories, resulting in the Tenebrae war. After 10 years of bitter and deadly conflict, the territories of Norgia, Alstia, Iscalio, and Highland splintered from the central power of Lux.

The land of Alstia has grown much since then. after a short war with invaders from Norgia, Alstia managed to secure a source of dwarven gold from the Kriss mountains, allowing their economy to grow significantly. 20 years prior to the start of the campaign, Alstia went through an event known only as “the revolution”. the old aristocracy, many of whom could trace their ancestry back to the empire, was deposed, and in their place rose the first democratically elected officals the continent had ever known.

The new Republic of Alstia had many enemies, however. Norgia attempted to seize back its holdings in the Kriss mountains, Lux sheltered the aristocracy who had fled the country at the outbreak of the revolution, and inside the nation many of the soldiers of the old aristocracy had looked at the reform with horror and attempted to reinstate the old aristocracy, recieving funds both from Lux and Norgia.

Alstia fended off these threats with help from the great General Cordelia. She lead the republican forces to victory with the odds stacked highly against them, time and time again. however, once the peace accords were signed, President Gren had Cordelia imprisoned on the island of Delos, due to the fact that such a powerful individual might overcome the newly established democracy and render it back to despotism.

The peace can only last so long, and even now forces are moving within Alstia that could change its future, and maybe the future of the world, forever. Millions are counting on you. which side are you on?

The Land of Alstia

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